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Light and Sound Projections for buildings, monuments and more.

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Light and Sound Projections for buildings, monuments and more.

We create Projection Mapping using video projection and sound.  Projection Mapping is the use video projectors to cover a surface with image, normally accompanied by sound.  A surface can be a building, a car, a ship or a football pitch.  We have worked with all of these and more. Spectacular 3D video projection mapping iis seen as the new ‘fireworks’ of the 21st Century and we know that the public find such events inspiring.

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The Projection Studio have over 25 years’ experience in creating exciting and innovative installations and events across the globe.

Our award-winning team of designers have been part of some of the most prestigious state occasions & mega events.  We are passionate about creating events, artworks and installations that are based in the history and architecture of places and cities. We have a strong track record for creating work that is visually and aurally exciting, as well as engaging residents and visitors in history, art and culture.

We have worked up to state level on projects such as the London Olympics and The FIFA World Cup. We were the first company to be invited to project onto Buckingham Palace, for the Queens Golden Jubilee.

We are artistic and technical commissioners for light festivals in the USA and Great Britain tasked with expanding the scale of the festival, commissioning new artists and dealing with the technical aspects of the sites and installations.

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