The Projection Studio will be back at York Minster this October with our great work, NORTHERN LIGHTS. We took our inspiration from the history and medieval stained glass of the Minster. We drew on these rich images as the basis of our creation as well as the minsters Anglo-Saxon origins and Yorks’ Viking heritage. The resultant immersive projection mapping that covers the entire ceiling of the nave and the west transept of York Minster.

The installation will be shown from Thursday 24 to Thursday 31 October, with tickets for the events going on sale this Tuesday (28 May) at 10am.

NORTHERN LIGHTS is more than just a projection; it’s an artistic homage to the historical and cultural significance of York Minster. The intricate designs of the medieval stained glass, the echoes of Anglo-Saxon craftsmanship, and the vibrant stories from the Viking Age are all brought to life through state-of-the-art projection mapping technology. Each night, the Minster’s architecture will be bathed in a symphony of light and color, creating a truly immersive experience that transcends time.

This event offers a unique opportunity to experience York Minster in an entirely new light. The immersive projection mapping are meticulously synchronized with music, enhancing the visual spectacle and creating a multi-sensory journey through centuries of history. Visitors will find themselves immersed in a narrative that weaves together the artistic, spiritual, and cultural threads of the Minster’s past, providing both an educational and emotionally moving experience.

We are also delighted to share that previous iterations of NORTHERN LIGHTS have received widespread acclaim, with visitors describing the event as “breathtaking” and “unforgettable.” The positive feedback highlights the event’s ability to connect with audiences of all ages and backgrounds, making it a perfect outing for families, history enthusiasts, and art lovers alike.

As we prepare for the upcoming shows, we invite you to visit York Minster’s official website for more details and to view short videos showcasing past projections and public reactions. These previews offer a glimpse into the awe-inspiring spectacle that awaits, illustrating why NORTHERN LIGHTS is a must-see event this October. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary fusion of history and technology, and be sure to secure your tickets early.

Below is a link to York Minsters web page about the project as well as links to short videos of the projection and its reception by the public.

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