Content Design & Creation

Content Design & Creation

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3D Video mapping is a projection technology which allows irregularly shaped objects to be used as a display surface for projection. Using the latest software, a two or three-dimensional object is mapped out in a virtual environment. With this information, the software can communicate with a projector to replicate this environment in the real world, fitting any desired image onto the surface of a 3D object. Using this technique, it’s possible to create extra dimensions and optical illusions onto previously static objects.

Video and audio design for projection is a creative field in its own right, requiring special skillsets.

Designing the right content for the chosen surface is fundamental to the success of the event.

We work with you to design the show that you want and make the most of the chosen projection architecture.

We create 3D projection mapping for a wide variety of applications – theatre, music events, concerts, corporate events, advertising and art installations.

Our skills include:

  • Projection Mapping and Design
  • Video Content Creation – 3D & 2D
  • Audio Design, Production & Creation
  • Scripting & Storyboarding

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