• Ross Ashton
    Ashton was born in Sheffield in 1961. Having trained in photography and theatre he moved to London and began to work in video and slide projection. After spending four years in Paris working with a variety of visual media, he began specialising in High Power Projection in 1992. His years of experience have produced an instinctive understanding of the relationship between artwork and structure, light and surface, object and subject. The size and scale of his work has led to his being commissioned for both stand-alone works and broader based large shows designed and created for national and international audiences. His specially commissioned ‘son et lumière’ have received world-wide attention.
    His reputation for large scale spectacular pieces mean that he has created projections as commemorations for governments around the world. He has also collaborated with other artists and lighting designers in the production of shows from Rock & Roll to classical concerts and theatre. His expertise has also been called on for numerous film and television productions. His work has been seen by millions throughout his career and never fails to be thought provoking, moving and exhilarating.
  • Karen Monid
    Monid is a creative designer of soundscapes and sound art installations. She works in many fields including outdoor public events, arts festivals and exhibitions and has an extensive background in theatre. She also researches and writes scripts. Her skills include creating sound works for son et lumiere productions. Karen has worked closely with The Projection Studio since 2006.
  • Sang Gun Kim
    Completed bachelors and masters degree in Ravensbourn college in London, working as 2D,3D anitmation team leader in 3d projection mapping speciality company, The Projection Studio with over 30 3d projection mapping projects since 2012, and now works as a 2D,3D animator.