• The Projection Studio
    The Projection Studio (previously ETC UK Ltd.) are specialists in 3D mapping and slide projection, in producing stunning, large format projections onto buildings, interesting spaces and structures since 1994. We fill large surfaces with bright, animated images very cost effectively. These images can be produced a range of different projection systems.

    The Projection Studio’s work has been seen around the world. We have supplied image projection solutions for a range of different clients from state occasions through theatre, rock and roll and corporate clients.
    There is literally no size barrier to the images we can produce. We keep adding projectors until we have achieved the size you require. We have projected onto mountains, skyscrapers, palaces, playing fields, football pitches and buildings of all sizes.

    The Projection Studio is a member of ALD - Association of Lighting Designers www.ald.org.uk

    The Projection Studio are proud to have been given the title of 'Suppliers of large format projection services (Iconic Spectaculars) to the London 2012 Games.

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  • Tricolor india
    Tricolor India Schauspiel is a Foreign Direct Investment venture in India of The Projection Studio. (Until recently E/T/C U.K. Ltd.) We are a dynamic full-service creative audio-visual company. We supply turnkey solutions with interests in high-end audio visual spectaculars, son-et-lumières, digital museums, theme parks, futuristic immersive experiences, 360 degree theatres, large scale tourist attractions & visitor interpretive galleries.

    Our range of expertise is varied and embellished by years of experience in creating delightful and awesome large-scale installations in many genres and technologies for a wide spectrum of purposes.

    We are an international name of repute and bring along a range of skills for creating state of the art spectaculars.
    It is with us that culture, aesthetics, planning and innovative technology amalgamate to produce magic.

    We pride ourselves on our highly innovative approach, which combined with our vast experience and insight ensures consistent, high-quality creative and technologically superlative delivery.