Taking an open brief from event LD Durham Marenghi and show producer Major Sir Michael Parker, The Projection Studio’s Ross Ashton was brought onboard by the event’s main contractor Unusual Services Ltd. He was commissioned to create a storyboard and artwork for a stunning 15-minute projection show – the first time Buckingham Palace has ever been used as a projection surface.
The first site visit established that the Palace wanted the projectors positioned very specifically – to be as concealed as possible. Armed with this info, plus the help of a subsequent visit, a camera obscura test. The 10 PIGI 7K projectors were run as five pairs, located just inside the forecourt, butted up to the railings, lined up with the Palace pillars. The music track was completed just 7 weeks before the show, leaving a very tight deadline to create, source and compile the artwork into scrolls. The scrolling footage encompassed plenty of distinctive images depicting the last 5 decades – from flower power to pink Cadillacs, space scenes, rotating records and children’s faces projecting the future of Britain.
The most memorable image of the Queen’s Golden Jubilee celebrations was undoubtedly the amazing projections onto the front of the Palace by large format projection specialists The Projection Studio.

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