Large format projection specialists The Projection Studio London created spectacular 90 metre wide images and produced the soundtrack for a special large scale outdoor event to launch the new Sunderland Aquatic Centre, the North East’s first Olympic sized swimming pool. Working closely with show producers Magnetic Events, and soundscape producer Karen Monid, The Projection Studio’s Ross Ashton interpreted an original storyboard by Magnetic’s Robin Morley to create a 15 minute collage of images based on aquatic themes, interwoven with water-related elements from the City’s past and present, with “the swimmer” at its core.
The Projection Studio London supplied 6 PIGI 6kW projectors, all fitted with double rotating scrollers, and installed on a special projection platform constructed 165 metres away from the Aquatic Centre. Karen Monid approached the soundscape creation more like a piece of music than a fixed script, in keeping with Morley’s wish for the work to be non-narrative and catching the spirit of the occasion. “There’s no doubt that working on the projection alongside the soundtrack brings a great fluidity and coherence to the project,” says Ashton. The projection show programming was co-ordinated by Karen Monid and Erlwin de Gans via a The Projection Studio OnlyCue system. The Projection Studio’s crew was completed by PIGI technician Cy Dodimead.
An event inside the Aquatic Centre declared the building open, and Sunderland City Council made the exterior show a free access event to the general public. Despite challenging weather conditions, thousands of enthusiastic local people turned out to witness this landmark inauguration of a unique sports facility designed to offer a world class venue for everyone, from the most talented swimmers to all members of the local community.

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