Large format projection specialists The Projection Studio added Somerset House to the list of famous London landmarks to receive its unique creative stamp, when Ross Ashton was commissioned to design and create a projection show by Dunhill for presentation to the Russian Economic Forum. The event saw 12.5 minutes,of breath taking projections filling the entire Courthold Institute end of Somerset House’s famous courtyard as part of the show set to a specially picked sound track. The Projection Studio were initially approached by Event Lighting from Bermondsey to undertake the project which needed a lot of artwork produced in an incredibly short 10 day lead time.
Six PIGI 6Kw projectors utilised in the show. The projectors – all with double rotating scrollers – were hand-carried up l flights of stairs then reassembled on the roof of the Seamen’s Hall in a weatherised platform installed for the event. The show was programmed by Karen Monid using PIGI OnlyCue software. Monid pushed the OnlyCue software to its limits, taking advantage of the flexibility of being able to create customised effects curves for the PIGI’s various motors – controlling the scrollers, rotation, dimmer, etc. “ The Projection Studio’s show crew were Sam MacLaren and Michael Barry and the installation team was led by Phil Pieridis with Phil Supple and Adam Masters. Sound equipment was supplied by Griff Hewis from Sound By Design
The show was enjoyed by 350 guests after dinner, located in a translucent fronted marquee in the middle of the courtyard. The guest list included business men, film directors, actors, musicians, designers and writers both Russian and English. ‘We wanted to create an informal atmosphere for creative thinkers to exchange ideas.’ said Lieran Stubbings who organised the event for the Russian Economic Forum. “The chance to projecting onto such a massive and majestic surface was not to be missed” enthused Ross Ashton, adding “Being given carte blanche in the creative process was also a brilliant way to work”. ‘We were very pleased with the results. The effect was fantastic and the images very impressive.’ said Lieran Stubbings.

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