Ross Ashton's, The Projection Studio is once again wowing the crowds with amazing projected visuals onto the walls of Edinburgh Castle making it an even more spectacular backdrop for the 2011 Military Tattoo. LD Gerry Mott has been able to specify a completely new lighting rig, which is far more flexible and dynamic, and this has made a huge difference to the way that projection and lighting can work together. Responding to this, Ashton has developed a more monochromatic look, which is then highly effectively coloured with the application of carefully detailed and focussed lighting.
A purpose built climate controlled projection control room is also part of the new design, along with lift access for the third floor of the production and FOH control areas at the back of the seating stand. Using four PIGI 6K projectors, supplied by White Light. The new venue configuration sees the PIGIs in slightly different positions. Ashton had introduced the black & white concept for specific parts of the previous year's shows, but the new lighting design has seen this aesthetic advance a level and really work the way he originally envisioned. The projection has been programmed and is being operated on an OnlyCue system by Karen Monid.
The Tattoo has a new Chief Executive and Producer, Brigadier David Allfrey, who has enthusiastically embraced the massive drama and impact that can be created by using large format projections. Says Ross Ashton, "Working with David has been refreshing and very invigorating. He has brought a new direction and energy to the whole performance, and really appreciates what high technical production values can bring to the show and make the whole guest experience so much more special and memorable".

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