TPS’s Ross Ashton was invited to create a video projection art work on the amazing Germania statue located in the Niederwald Landscape Park, near Rüdesheim am Rhein, Hesse, Germany, as part of the 2009 Rheinpartie Festival of Light. Ashton's carefully crafted mix of colour and precision lighting transformed the imposing 38 metre tall monument, built to commemorate the foundation of the German Empire after the Franco Prussian war in 1883, into a symbol of European peace and harmony.
Ashton utilised 4 Christie 20K projectors to fill his canvass. The show was programmed by Richard Porter using an E/T/C OnlyView system, Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D. The artwork was composited by Ashton using Photoshop over a period of about 2 weeks. Control was positioned 100 metres away in the back of a van. Structures housing the projectors were all custom designed for the project by TPS's Paul Highfield. Ashton commissioned Karen Monid to compose a special soundscape to accompany the installation. The addition of a layer of sound added texture, meaning and ambience to the piece.
Europa - accessed by cable car from Rüdesheim am Rhein - was one of the popular highlights of the Rheinpartie and has also received great critical acclaim. The Festival also contained many other light and media works from leading international artists, which stretched along the length and breadth of the Unesco World Heritage site of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley.

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