The Projection Studio is supplying PIGI projection to the 2006 Night of The Proms spectacular. The event is a three month sold out arena-sized show that kicks off in October, that combines classical and pop music. It tours Belgium, Holland and Germany. It’s the third year running that the show’s visual designer Geert Vanhout has used large format projection as an integral element. “It adds an extra dimension and depth to the stage, and also gives us a good source for narrative suggestion” he says. Night of the Proms is a demanding in terms of producing visuals, and each year Vanhout comes up with a new and original concept and design. The performance runs for three hours, featuring a 72-piece orchestra, 50 choir, a 5 piece electric band and a guest artist line up.
Two overlaid PIGI projectors, both fitted with double rotating scrollers to beam onto an oval shaped mid-stage centre positioned surface. The rectangular gauze is rigged onto a customised roll drop mechanism, with the 13 metre wide by 9 metre deep ovular shape created by blacking out the square edges. The PIGI projection and the ShowLED - fed from an Arkaos system - are sometimes used in conjunction with each other, and both are controlled through a WholeHog II lighting console which is also running over 200 moving lights. Vanhout operates all the conventionals plus colour scrollers, smoke machines and other technology from an Avolites Pearl console. The 6K PIGI projectors are positioned on their own FOH truss in front of the screen, sitting in special flying cradles designed and built by TPS.
Ashton comments, “We had a lot of fun working on the content and the results speak for themselves in terms of impact and what they bring to the performance”. It’s a lively mix of images encompassing colourful Native American Indian hieroglyphics, dreamy landscapes, swirling abstracts and texturing’s, and numerous others, topped by some quirky, highly comical cartoon character rats that strut their stuff, large spliffs in hand, for UB 40’s classic “Rat In Mi Kitchen”.

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