Night of the Proms 2005 – a spectacular arena-sized combination of classical and pop music – celebrates the show’s 21st year, once again proving it’s the most popular and most visited live performance in Europe. NOTP is on a 3 month sold out tour of Belgium, Holland and Germany. The show – with large format projections supplied by TPS kicked off at its traditional ‘first stop’ venue – Antwerp Sportpaleis. Here it plays 18 nights to 15,000 plus people before moving on to Rotterdam. This year the action-packed Antwerp line -up features Roger Daltry, Donna Summer, John Miles, Ace of Base, Safri Duo and Fine Fleur plus a 48 piece choir and a 67 piece orchestra conducted by Robert Groslot.
This year The Projection Studio was supplying two PIGI 7 Kw projectors with double rotating scrollers and special artwork. The machines are front projecting and are fully optimised for maximum visual impact. Projection was originally introduced into the show by lighting designer Geert Vanhout. Vanhout came up with the idea of a series of strips of electric rolling screens, that could be utilised either as one upstage uniform projection surface, or could be shaped and broken up into different combinations. The screen is made up of eight 4 metre wide strips, each 12 metres high, in a DMX controlled system that was specially designed for NOTP by EML’s engineering workshop. Vanhout again worked closely with The Projection Studio’s Ross Ashton to produce the projection artwork which was all specially originated for the show.
“As always” says Vanhout, “The challenge is doing something different each year. The new show is just 9 months after the last one; the time passes very quickly and as well as expecting some familiar elements to the show, the public also expect new and exciting parameters – particularly with the visuals” Projection runs for 85 per cent of the show, with most songs featuring several different images. Vanhout comments, “Once again it was a really good experience collaborating with Ross Ashton. The projection brings another perspective and dimension to the stage, really boosting the dynamics and visuality of the show”.

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