The Projection Studio supplied large format PIGI and video projection for the MTV Europe Music Awards 2005, staged on November 3rd at the Pavilhao Atlantico in Lisbon, Portugal. Significantly, it was the first live outing for The Projection Studio’s new OnlyView control software which was used to soft-edge together 10 Barco R18 projectors to create one spectacular seamless upstage image, 32 metres wide by 9 metres high.
The video projection surface was made up of five motorised roller blind style screens that could be arranged in different formats. Each screen was fed by an overlaid front-projecting pair of R18s. The video projection was transmitted in high-definition with various inserts (both recorded and live) to match any required size, position or shape. OnlyView is a multi-screen software capable of managing multi-projection using any kind of media and any kind of projection system onto any type of screen shape. In addition to the 10 Barco R18 video projectors and the OnlyView system, The Projection Studio also supplied four PIGI 6kW projectors with rotating double scrollers to project onto a 52m by 14m scenic proscenium arch that framed the stage and the five motorised video screens. These were soft-edged together and programmed on OnlyCue.
A big part of the success was due to both projection systems being rigged to ensure no sightline obstructions from the TV camera crane. The projectors were rigged onto trusses at 15 metres high, and the Barcos were installed vertically to match the screen design.

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