One of the most prestigious international Awards events on the Indian show business calendar, it was staged this year at London’s ExCel Centre and produced by Cineyug for Zee TV. The starting point was an original set design by award-winning scenic designer Bart Clement, a special version of which was licensed for the event. This filled the limited 10m available headroom of the space extremely well, creating a widescreen feel, with its deceptive angles and shrinking points amplifying the depth of the space beyond reality.
Utilising 24 Christie 20K projectors and 16 OnlyView servers for control, The Projection Studio London supplied spectacular multi-screen projections onto a distorted perspective set for the Lux Zee Cine Awards (ZCA) 2008. The Projection Studio projected onto the proscenium arch, the ceiling, both walls and the floor of the set, and each projection area was a different size and shape. All areas were projected in bold, striking images filling and colouring the set, creating a series of dynamic backdrops. The project was managed for The Projection Studio London by Andy Joyes. Paul Chatfield was commissioned to produce all of the artwork, on which he worked closely with scenic artist, Omung Kumar, and The Projection Studio’s OnlyView programmer and operator, Richard Porter.
“Twenty-four flown projectors for a one-off live event is quite a challenge. Even though there was very limited technical time on site, the show went seamlessly and the client is very happy” says Joyes, adding “It’s a great tribute to all our crew who worked very hard under lots of pressure”.

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