Large format projection specialists The Projection Studio used 8 PIGI 6 KW projectors and scrollers, shooting from four different directions onto four different angled planes of a dramatic shrinking perspective stage set for the Dutch Musical Awards Gala. World First The images from each machine were soft-edged together to create an impressive single high-impact picture. It’s thought to be a world-first for this many images to be combined using the ‘feathering’ technique in the genre of large format projection. The event – broadcast live on national TV - was staged at the New Luxor Theatre in Rotterdam. It honoured the best of Dutch Musical Theatre – an entertainment genre at which the Netherlands excels. The event’s technical production was co-ordinated by De Meern based Sightline, and production managed by Erwin Rintjema for producer Joop Van Der Ende and The Musical Awards Foundation.
Some intense site measurements and virtual mathematics were involved in calculating the required perspective correction for the images, explains The Projection Studio’s Ross Ashton. Each projected image had to be corrected differently and on three dimensions to fit exactly onto four differently aligned elements - floor, walls, ceiling and proscenium portal - of the set. Projectors were hung in the ceiling pointing downwards, on the sides shooting across stage and out front, shooting across each other onto the massive false proscenium portal - which in itself comprised three different planes of distortion. The finished artwork files were handed over to The Projection Studio’s CAD specialists James Probert and Wyatt Enever who worked with ETC’s Paul Highfield on the perspective correction, producing the PIGI scrolling artwork
Bart Clements chose PIGI projection “Quite straightforwardly for two main reason” he states, “I needed to recreate many different strong scenes, atmospheres and times very fast, with lots of depth and with minimal props – from New York to Baroque to Africa in two hours. Also because PIGI projection looks equally good on camera as it does live” . The Awards Gala was attended by dozens of celebrities and VIPs as well as one thousand members of the public in addition to its massive TV audience of over a million. TPS’s crew chief for the event was Andy Murrell. The PIGIs were programmed by Karen Monid using PIGI’s OnlyCue software.

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