Houses of Parliament Olympic 2012 projection
The Mayor of London has commissioned a dynamic and deeply emotive work documenting some of sport’s most iconic and unforgettable moments, drawing on London's unrivaled Olympic heritage – it is the only city to have held the momentous event three times - and journeying through the modern Olympic era into Great British triumphs.
A 'son et lumière' (sound and light) show has been created for the projections. A technique first developed in Paris in the 1950s, this approach was selected as being more appropriate for such an esteemed building, the graceful nature of the medium providing a much needed counter-point to over used projection mapping technology. The art direction of the content makes the work very much a child of its age; bold graphic language runs throughout the piece, bringing to life legendary heroes from 1908 and 1948 and immortalising Olympians of the past sixty years. Launching on the eve of London's greatest summer yet, the show will provide UK residents and tourists alike with a dramatic expression of Olympic pride.
The Mayor of London Boris Johnson said: 'As the greatest show on earth begins in the capital, it is absolutely fantastic to see iconic images of athleticism from Games past projected onto the Mother of all Parliaments. This mesmeric light show brings to life our sporting heroes and their Olympian achievements from 1908 to the present, helping set the scene for the next few weeks, when records are smashed and new sporting heroes emerge.