Ross Ashton's The Projection Studio was commissioned to design and create a special son et lumière 3d video mapped artwork for award winning London based Pollard Thomas Edwards architects (PTEa). The brief for the Diespeker show content was to combine the history of that region of London, from the establishment of the first Roman camps in AD 43 through to the dawn of the 21st Century - with a celebration of its communities, individuals, commercial and cultural development, etc., and an overview of the scope and imagination of PTEa's work. This was for a special event at their base in Diespeker Wharf, Islington, on the banks of the Regent Canal, a listed building, which has been innovatively restored into a contemporary HQ for the practice.
First Ashton storyboarded a script, and once that was signed off by PTEa, worked on producing all the artwork with Paul Mumford. The video footage was then stored in a Green Hippo Hippotizer media server, which was used to do all the necessary keystoning, masking and other corrections required to match the camera lens to that of the projector, and the precision mapping of the images onto the building. The projection was beamed onto the front of Diespeker Wharf, a truly 3D surface with multiple focal planes. The hardware - including a sound system - was supplied by QED. The projection and control system was engineered by Richard Porter, and sound artist Karen Monid was commissioned to create a bespoke soundscape to accompany the visuals.
Ashton comments, "This was a really nice project. Several challenges made it interesting, and everyone at PTEa was very enthusiastic and a real pleasure to work with. Being architects, they also had a great perspective on the form and impact of what could be achieved with projected art". PTEa Director Carl Vann comments, "We were delighted with the projection performance and with Karen Monid's sound track. It is a hard medium to assess during the design and development stages without any experience of the final format, and Ross and his team provided an excellent and highly professional service throughout. We also received extensive complimentary feedback from the audience both on the evening and subsequently".

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